What is Crossfit?

What is CrossFit?

Each workout provides a coach led and class involved warm-up, a standards and Scaling period to go over all details of the WOD, the Workout Of the Day and then a unique Post Workout option that gives a little more specialization for those trying to reach a specific goal. Whether it’s Cardio, Strength, Core or Skill related goals, we provide the coaching and guidance to keep you improving, prevent overtraining and still allow you to reach your goals. Stay motivated with high energy WOD’s and fun class atmosphere and you’ll understand why we feel like we are the standard for facilities, safety and results!

We also complement our CrossFit program with an all access membership to NorthRidge Fitness INCLUDED with your membership. So if you need a Yoga day, Spinning® or feel like dancing away in Zumba®, it’s free of charge. With this membership you’ll get Free locker and shower amenities that includes towels and any other products you may need to get ready after your workout! We also have childcare services available for kid’s ages 4 weeks – 11 yrs. old so the kids can come in and have fun also!