Workout of the Day

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Teams of 2; 30 Rounds For Time
5 cal Row
6 Box Jumps(20″)
7 Burpee
*1 person works @ a time; Leap Frog exercises
*whoever finishes 7 burpees, marks the round
Scored by total FULL rounds, plus partial total reps

Post WOD
4 Rounds
10 Front/Lat Raise Raises
10 Inverted Ring Rows (feet on boxes)
2 Wall Climbs
*After completing 4 Rounds, complete 10min
of a LIGHT JOG, Not a hard run
10 efforts for Quality
100m HARD run/100m recovery walk
Run x2 100m runs gradually builing up to
HARD pace.