Sarah, CF-L1; Gymnastics Trainer

Sarah has been with NorthRidge Fitness since February 2011.  She has been coaching CrossFit at CFNR since October 2012 and is one of the first female coaches in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Sarah is originally from Scooba, an extremely small town in Mississippi that Netflix made famous.  In 2010, Sarah moved to Tuscaloosa where she married her husband Ryan (who is also a Coach).  Sarah has a passion for health and wellness.  She believes in what CrossFit stands for in reaching those goals, for each individual that walks through the doors.  Sarah is always smiling and makes everyone feel welcome.  However, don’t let her cheerfulness mislead you.  She will be one of the first to explain standards, form and efficiency!  Sarah has a stepson and two daughters and her hobbies (apart from CrossFit) include spending time with her family, obstacle course racing, and playing on her kickball team.  Sarah loves Jesus!  She is a CrossFit L-1 Trainer and has a CrossFit Gymnastics Certification.

Sarah is described as “a great Coach who loves her job and can help anyone get those double unders!!!”