P.J. Dickey, CF-L1; Weightlifting Trainer

P.J. started participating in CrossFit in January 2013 after losing a deal with his wife Kelly (who started CF in 2011).  After only about a month, PJ was hooked!  The community environment, competition with self (and a few others), and the push to be better was too overwhelming.  After two years of participating, P.J. decided to get his Level 1 and began coaching the Summer of 2015.  P.J. later pursued CrossFit’s olympic weightlifting certificate and learned from the best in CrossFit, Coach Mike Burgener.

While olympic lifting is one of P.J.’s loves in CrossFit, his passion for everything CrossFit NorthRidge from the patrons to the programming is what makes P.J. the CFNR Coach that he is.  Described by others as “Passionate and Encouraging!”  Come drop in to one of P.J.’s 5:30am classes or come workout alongside P.J.  in the evenings.