Chris, CCFT

Chris started participating in CrossFit WOD’s in 2005, when he began he began working at NorthRidge Fitness. He currently has his CF-L3 and Mobility Certification. He received his Level 1 CrossFit Certification in August 2008 where he began coaching the first CrossFit classes in the Tuscaloosa area. Chris has worked with many different special needs and populations during his time at NorthRidge Fitness. He received his degree in Human Performance from the University of Alabama in 2005 and has coached high
school athletics at the 6A level in many sports and age levels. Chris says that “Being able to come to work every day and motivate and change lives is a blessing to me! It’s a great to see people come in and do things every day that they would never think were possible when they start training! You see the confidence they’ve built not only in the gym but everywhere in their lives! It’s awesome!”